Conference on the Korean Peninsula with the Sejong Institute

Antoine Bondaz, juin 2019

This afternoon conference will discuss the prospects for peace and denuclearization on
the Korean Peninsula, following the second US-­DPRK summit and North Korea’s
recent missile tests on May 4 and May 9, the current domestic situation in North Korea
and the future of inter-­Korean relations under President Moon Jae-­in. It will provide the
audience the opportunity to interact with leading experts from the Sejong Institute, one
of Korea's top think-­tanks, and from the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP).



Welcoming remarks

Dr. Bruno TERTRAIS, Deputy Director, FRS.

Keynote speech followed by Q&A

“The great transformation taking place in the Korean Peninsula: its significance, problems, and prospects"

Dr. PAIK Haksoon, President, Sejong Institute.

Panel discussion followed by Q&A

"How to solve the North Korean nuclear issue: the role of Korean and European actors"

Dr. HONG Hyunik, Director of the Diplomatic Studies Center, Sejong Institute;

Dr. Eric BALLBACH, Research Fellow, Institute of Korean Studies, Freie Universität Berlin and Visiting Fellow, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP);

Dr. Antoine BONDAZ, Head of FRS-KF Korea Program, FRS and Associate Professor, Sciences Po.


Concluding remarks

Dr. Xavier PASCO, Director, FRS

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