The Oxford Handbook of War

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Julian Lindley-French, Yves Boyer (dir.), janvier 2012

The incidence of war and its casualties have dramatically declined in the last thirty years. That, however, is not the perception of a public used to the dramas of 24/7 media coverage of what is still happening on the world's battlefields.

Never has it been more timely for a volume like this to appear and to enlighten the global population to the changed and increasingly complex nature of modern warfare. (The Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT GCMG FRSE PC, former Secretary General of NATO and former Secretary of State for Defence in the UK)

This Handbook is not just timely but an outstanding contribution to the understanding of war at the start of the twenty-first century. As such the Handbook considers war in the broadest sense at the end of one epoch and the beginning of another. (Bruno Racine, President of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France and President of the Board of Directors of the Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique in Paris.)


  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Part I - The Fundamental Causes of War
    • Defining War
    • Strategy and War
    • How History Shapes war
    • The Collision of Modern and Post-Modern War
    • Alliances and War
    • Brazil, India, and China: Emergin Powers and Warfare
  • Part II - The Moral and Legal Aspects of War
    • Morality and War
    • The Evolving Legal Aspects of War
  • Part III - Theories on the Practice of War
    • The History of Grand Strategy and the Conduct of Micro-Wars
    • The Strategic Object of War
    • Nuclear Deterrence and War
    • Unconventionnal Forms of War
    • Terrorism and War
  • Part IV - The Strategic Conduct of War
    • Strategic Leadership and War
    • Intelligence and War
    • The Pol/Mil Interface and War: The French at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century
    • Managing War
  • Part V - Non-Western Ways of War
    • The Russian Way of War: In Crisis?
    • The Twenty-First Century War: Chinese Perspectives
    • The Japanese Way of War
  • Part VI - The Military Conduct of War
    • Military Coalitions in War
    • Military Leardership in a Changing World
    • The Art of Command in the Twenty-First Century: Reflections on Three Commands
    • Hybrid Conflict and the Changing Nature of Actors
    • Conducting Joint Operations
    • Counterinsurgency and War
    • The Role of Logistics in War
    • Land Warfare
    • Maritime Warfare and the Importance of Sea Control
    • Air Warfare
    • Teaching War
  • Part VII - Technology, Economy, Industry, and War
    • The Limits of Technology in War
    • Space: A New Theatre of War?
    • Affording War: The British Case
    • Industry and War
    • Procurement and War
    • The Defence Industry in the Contemporary Global Security Environment
  • Part VIII - Civil-Military Cooperation and War
    • The Changing Relationship Between Society and Armed Forces
    • Clear, Hold, and Build: Operationalizing the Comprehensive Approach
    • Building a Multilateral Civilian Surge
  • Part IX - War and Society
    • Demography and Warfare
    • Communicating War: The Gamekeeper's Perspective
    • Communicating War: The Poacher's Perspective
  • Part X - Does War Have a Future?
    • Does war have a future?
    • Conclusions:The Unpredictability of War and its Consequences
  • index

The Oxford Handbook of War

Auteur(s) : Julian Lindley-French, Yves Boyer (dir.)
Collection : OUP Oxford
Parution : janvier 2012


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