Transatlantic Cooperation on Protracted Displacement: Urgent Need and Unique Opportunity

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John Calabrese, Jean-Luc Marret, mars 2012

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Afghanistan
    • Synthetic Paper: Protracted Displacement in Afghanistan: Will History be repeated?, Suzanne Schmeidl
    • Urban Displacement in Afghanistan, Nassim Majidi
    • Can Afghanistan Cope with Returnees? Can Returnees Cope in Afghanistan? A Look at Some New Data, Daniel A. Kronenfield
    • The situation of Afghans in the Islamic Republic of Iran Nine Years After the Overthrow of the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan, Bruce Koepke
    • Landlessness and Insecurity: Obstacles to reintegration in Afghanistan, Ingrid Macdonald
    • The Adaptation of Second-Generation Afghans in Iran: Empirical Findings and Policy Implications, Mohammad Jalal Abbasi Shavazi and Rasoul Sadeghi
    • The Saga of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan, The Hon. Rostum Shah Mohmand
    • Protracted Displacement in Afghanistan Can Be Mitigated by a Change in Policy, Jacob Rothing
    • The Afghan Refugees in Pakistan, Frédéric Grare and William Maley
    • Internal Displacement in Afghanistan, Sumbul Rizvi
  • Iraq
    • Synthetic Paper: Iraqi Refugees IDPs: From Humanitarian Intervention to Durable Solutions, Géraldine Chatelard
    • An Uncommun Burden: Aid, Resettlement, and Refugee Policy in Syria, Chantal Berman
    • Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: The Challenge of Providing Assistance in an Opaque Environment, Harriet Dodd
    • Iraqis in Jordan: Urban Refugees, Data, and the Implications for Emergency Education Programs, Kate Washington
    • Getting the "Ladder of options" Right: The Illusive and Real Security Fallout of the Iraqi Refugee Crisis, Reinoud Leenders
    • Anticipating the Unexpected: Urban Refugee Programming in Jordan, Chris Skopec, Natalia Valeeva, and Mary Jo Baca
    • The Benefits of Engaging and Building Trust with a reluctant Government: The experience of Community Centers for iraqis in Syria, Enzo Di Iorio and Martine Zeuthen
    • Whose Foot on the Ground? A Study of One International Organization's Direct Assistance to Conflict-Induced IDPs and Returnees in Iraq, Liana Paris
    • Displacement and National Institutions: Reflections on the iraqi Experience, Peter Van der Auweraert
  • Sudan
    • Synthetic Paper: Crisis and Opportunity: Protracted Displacement in Sudan, Colin Thomas-Jensen
    • A Convergence of Need: Reintegration for Returnees and Ex-combatants in the Sudan, Samer Abdelnour
    • Participatory Research Partnerships for development: Reflections from Sudan, Susan McGrath and Samer Abdelnour
    • Addressing the Legacy of Conflict in Darfur: Shifting Land Tenure Patterns and Humanitarian Action, Alexander Mundt
    • Urbanization in Sudan: An Overview of International Engagement, Sara Pavanello
    • The Protracted Refugee Situation in Eastern Sudan, Dominik Bartsch and Mohamed Dualeh
    • Protracted Refugees in Sudan: Why Gender Matters, Amani El Jack
    • The Challenge of Protracted Displacement: The Case of Khartoum, Agnès de Geoffroy
    • Facing the Unknown: The Continuing Challenge of Assisting the Protracted Displacement in Darfur and Eastern Chad, Omer Ismail
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • Best practices
    • The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE): Case Studies on Afghan and Iraqi Refugees
    • Responding to Emergency Displacements During Situations of Protracted Displacements, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
    • Providing Fair Protection Processes and Documentation for Internally Displaced and Host Communities: The Experience of the Protection and Assistance Centers (PACs) in Southern Iraq, Giorgio Heinrich Neidhardt
  • Appendices

Transatlantic Cooperation on Protracted Displacement: Urgent Need and Unique Opportunity

Auteur(s) : John Calabrese, Jean-Luc Marret
Collection : Middle East Institute Press
Parution : mars 2012


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