France, Australia and the Indo-Pacific

Dossier d'actualité

Dossier d'actualité : France, Australia and the Indo-Pacific

For more than ten years - and long before there was any question of selling submarines to Canberra - the FRS has contributed, with the support of the French and Australian governments, to the development and deepening of intellectual ties between our two countries. In particular, it has set up a pioneering dialogue on strategic issues of common interest with the leading Australian think-tank, the Lowy Institute, which has been held on average every eighteen months since 2010, alternately in Paris and Sydney/Canberra.  More recently, this dialogue has been complemented by a "trialogue" also involving India.

Its expertise in Asia and the Pacific is well established.

As Franco-Australian relations enter a new phase, this dossier brings together some of the analyses and comments made on these issues by Foundation researchers and a few external contributors.


The Indo-Pacific

Crossed perspectives