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Challenges to Freedom of the Seas and Maritime Rivalry in Asia

Patrick Hébrard,

European Parliament, Sub-Committee on Security and Defence

, march 2017

China as a Polar Great Power

FRS meeting
Foundation for Strategic Research, FR, January 10, 2017

The PLA reforms : Tightening control over the military

Marc Julienne,

in « Xi's army : Reform and loyalty in the PLA »,China Analysis

, March 2016

Russia's Perspective on the US Pivot: Opportunities and Constraints in the Asia Pacific

Isabelle Facon,

in Hugo Meijer (ed.) Origins and Evolution of the US Rebalance toward Asia, Palgrave Macmillan

, April 2015

US Policy Change and Russian Foreign and Defense Policy Interests

Isabelle Facon,

CERI STRATEGY PAPERS, n°16 – Rencontre Stratégique

, July 25, 2013