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« Nuclear Deterrence and Strategic Stability in Europe: French Positions and Perceptions »

Book chapter
Benjamin Hautecouverture,

in Arms Control and Europe : New Challenges and Prospects for Strategic Stability, P. Sinovets & W. Alberque, Springer

, 2022

French Perspectives on Disarmament and Deterrence

Book chapter
Emmanuelle Maitre,

in Europe's Evolving Deterrence Discourse, Amelia Morgan and Anna Péczeli (eds), Center for Global Security Research (CGSR)

, April 16, 2021

President Macron on French Nuclear Deterrence

Benjamin Hautecouverture,

Canadian Global Affairs Institute

, September 23, 2020

France's response to COVID-19

François Heisbourg,

Strategic Comments, Vol. 26, 2020, n°5

, August 7, 2020

France’s Deterrent Strategy and the Indo-Pacific

Book chapter
Bruno Tertrais,

in The Future of the Undersea Deterrent: A Global Survey, ANU National Security College

, March 15, 2020

The French Defence Industry

Book chapter
Hélène Masson, Jean Belin, Julien Malizard,

in  Keith Hartley, Jean Belin (eds), The Economics of the Global Defence Industry,​ Routledge

, December 11, 2019

A new French Space Command

Xavier Pasco,

Space Alert, Vol. VII , Issue 4

, October 12, 2019