Research team

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Based on a State/non-State, order/violence problematic, interdisciplinary study and operational practices of regional crisis complexes, violent sub-State organisations, and radicalised and terrorist processes, including with a view to prevention.

Professional experience

January 2001 to present: Researcher, then Senior Researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research

October 2006 to present: Senior Associate Fellow, Center for Transatlantic Relations

1996 to 2000: Senior Advisor, Ministry of Labour, National Employment Agency

Other ongoing activities

Lecturer, Masters in Security (University of Paris 2-Melun) and National Gendarmerie Officers School (EOGN)


PhD in Political Science (University of Paris 2) Member of the Radical Awareness network and ENEET (European Network of Expertise on Terrorism, BundeskriminalAmt), Senior Associate Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University.