In support of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Observatory of Multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific is a major research program led by the Foundation for Strategic Research, in cooperation with the ECFR and the Institut Montaigne, as well as the CERI/Sciences Po and the Inalco, which aims to contribute to a better understanding of the Indo-Pacific and to promote the influence of French strategic thinking on and in the region.

Merging this unique expertise meets several objectives, including:

  • Developing French expertise on a central area for national interests, and to include it in international debates on the political, diplomatic, economic and defence future of the Indo-Pacific.
  • Creating a network to engage think tanks and research centres in the Indo-Pacific, and to promote the diversity of strategic thinking.
  • Contributing to the reflection of the Ministry of the Armed Forces to reinforce France's commitment in the region, in the field of security and defence.

In such a framework, the Observatory of Multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific will publish research notes that will provide a renewed and in-depth analysis of the main cross-cutting challenges of the region. It will also organise, twice a year, conferences alternately in France and in several countries of the region.

Directed by Antoine Bondaz, the Observatory is coordinated by Thibault Fournol. The partner institutions are represented by Frédéric Grare (ECFR), Mathieu Duchâtel (Institut Montaigne), Christophe Jaffrelot (CERI/Sciences Po) and Delphine Allès (Inalco).

The Observatory of Multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific is part of the work carried out on and in the Indo-Pacific region by the Foundation for Strategic Research for many years, both through regional and thematic approaches: bilateral and trilateral high-level strategic dialogues supported by French administrations; European platform for exchange on the Indo-Pacific; institutional cooperation agreements with the main think-tanks in the region; research programs dedicated to the foreign and security policy of several countries in the region; publications of numerous notes and studies; interventions in French and foreign universities; media interventions; etc.

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