The strategic situation in Asia is rapidly changing and poses significant challenges for Japan and Europe, particularly in the areas of maritime safety, compliance with international standards, space and cyberspace. From the Korean peninsula to the China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, points of tension are multiplying while power struggles between China, Russia and the United States are in the process of redefinition, increasing uncertainties.

Since 2012, Japan has put in place a new security and defence strategy based on the principle of proactive pacifism while preserving the centrality of the alliance with the United States and developing an essential dialogue on strategic issues with other partners who share the same interests and values.

The FRS Japan program, inaugurated in 2016 under the responsibility of Valérie Niquet, contributes to this dialogue by organising conferences, closed seminars and the regular publication of analytical notes. This program is funded through the research support initiatives of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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