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This category includes publications signed by FRS researchers in journals and books in France, in Europe or abroad, as well as certain other, exceptional publications.

Latest publications

Real and Imagined Challenges to Strategic Stability

Bruno Tertrais,

HCSS (The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies)

, 14 February 2022

Working paper on strategic risk reduction

Emmanuelle Maitre, Benjamin Hautecouverture (among the contributors),

European Leadership Network (ELN)

, janvier 2022

« Euro-Atlantic Security and the China Nexus »

François Heisbourg (analysis),

Survival, Vol. 63, n°6

, November 30, 2021

Regional Fragmentation and EU Foreign and Security Policy

Agnès Levallois,

JOINT (European Union’s Horizon 2020research and innovation programme), Research Papers n°3

, November 15, 2021

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