The FRS has been tasked with accompanying the French Presidency of the P5 with the aim of fostering debates between governmental and non-governmental experts. Through this project, the FRS is organizing regular seminars and webinars on key issues related to the NPT review process. It is also publishing food-for-thought papers and analytical pieces on related topics, written by its experts as well as by invited contributors. Greater transparency is proposed on the activities of the P5 and the state of the debate among nuclear-weapon states. This project is also a platform to enrich the discussion on key issues related to the NPT and its review process, as the tenth review conference of the Treaty, originally scheduled for 2020, is currently postponed. It enables networking and exchanges between established practitioners or academics and young researchers, favoring the emergence of new voices on key topics such as education, non-proliferation, the role of the P5, verification, strategic risk reduction, or peaceful uses. This independent research project is funded by a grant from the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

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