Research team

Biographical information

Thibault Fournol is a Research Fellow at the Fondation pour la recherche stratégique where he coordinates the Observatory of Multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific. His research focuses on India's security and defence policies as well as on strategic and security dynamics in the Indo-Pacific, in particular in the Indian Ocean Region. His doctoral research focuses on the evolutions of Indian posture towards security and defence cooperation, particularly on India's multilateral practices in the field of regional security. He also works on missile defence issues within the Air and Missile Defence Observatory.

Professional experience

Research Fellow at FRS (since 2022)
Research Assistant at FRS (2021 – 2022)
Parliamentary Attaché at the French National Assembly (2019 – 2021)
Junior Research Officer at the Centre of Doctrine and Command Teaching (French Army, 2019)



PhD Candidate in Political Science – International Relations at the Centre for International Studies of Sciences Po (CERI). Thesis: "Recomposing multilateral practices in the Indo-Pacific: The Indian approach to strategic multilateralism" (since 2021, under the supervision of Delphine Allès and Christophe Jaffrelot).

Curriculum in Hindi & South Asian civilisations at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations - Inalco (2020 – 2021).

Master of Research in Political Science – International Relations at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po, School of Research, 2017 – 2019).



  • « Rassembler sans s’allier. L’évolution des exercices conjoints dans la diplomatie navale de l’Inde en Indopacifique » [Federating without allying. The Evolution of Joint Naval Exercises in India's Maritime Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific], Conflits, n°44, March-April 2023.
  • « La France, la sécurité environnementale et l’océan Indien : perspectives pour la coopération franco-indienne dans le domaine maritime » [France, environmental security and the Indian Ocean: perspectives for India-France cooperation in the maritime domain], co-authored with Manoj Babu Buraga (National Maritime Foundation), Note de la FRS, N°38/2022, November 24, 2022.
  •  « Évolution des pratiques multilatérales en Indopacifique : une approche multicouche de la coopération régionale de sécurité́ » [Evolution of multilateral practices in the Indo-Pacific: a multilayered approach to regional security cooperation], Annuaire français des relations internationales 2022, June 2022.
  • « Le sens de l'Indo-Pacifique : de l'ambiguïté sémantique à l'opportunité stratégique » [The meaning of the Indo-Pacific: from semantic ambiguity to strategic opportunity] with Delphine Allès, Les Grands Dossiers de Diplomatie, n°53, oct/nov 2019.
  • « From speeches to maps: compared visions of the Indo-Pacific » with Sciences Po cartography workshop. Presentation at the CERI-Sciences Po and IRSEM during the cycle conferences "New strategic issues in the Indo-Pacific region" (IRSEM, CERI, GIGA, Cambridge University), juin 2019.
  • « La sécurité environnementale : émergence d'une stratégie de défense française en Indo-Pacifique » [Environmental security: emergence of a French Defence strategy in the Indo-Pacific], Master's thesis, dir. Delphine Allès, Sciences Po School of Research, 2018.