The Taiwan Security and Diplomacy Program, led by Antoine Bondaz, aims to provide a better understanding of the main issues at stake in Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait, as well as the potential for cooperation between France, but also the European Union, and Taiwan, through the organization of conferences and the publication of articles, as well as interviews with policy makers and leading Taiwanese experts.

Taiwan is not only a commercial and economic partner for France and the European Union, but also a key partner in many sectors, including research, climate change and education, and a partner sharing common values with Europe.

Moreover, Taiwan and Taiwanese society face traditional and non-traditional threats similar to those faced by France and French society, from ballistic threats to foreign interference and disinformation, from freedom of navigation to supply chain vulnerability, from pandemic risk to the impact of climate change.

This program is therefore not limited to the study of Taiwan-China relations, and intends to address Taiwan more broadly as a diplomatic and military power on the regional and international stage.

This independent research program is supported by the Representative Office of Taipei in France.


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