The German Police Project Team (GPPT) and the “capacity to do capacity building”


This paper is based on previous work by the same author, published with the Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO). It could not have been written without APPRO’s kind logistical support, and I would like to thank the whole APPRO team, from the cook to the drivers, the finance officer, the research team, the manager and the research director, for their invaluable commitment and help. I am particularly thankful to the following persons for comments: Dr. Saeed Parto and Anil Shaheer from the Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO).

Furthermore, I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Le Gloannec, Dr. Fariba Abdelkha and Alinda Spaiser (CERI, Sciences Po Paris), Dr. Roland Paris (University of Ottawa), Jean-François Daguzan and Camille Grand (FRS). I particularly thank my family for their support.

This paper is dedicated to Bastien Irondelle.


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